Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Problem with Getting Crafty

Pinterest is my Achilles Heel.  Although I am not particularly frugal, I do have some money-management skills.  I live on my own with my two cats, several plants, and lots of fish, in my one-bedroom apartment in Downtown Detroit.

I love my apartment.  I find that its floor to ceiling windows on two sides of my corner apartment offer spectacular views of downtown and plenty of natural light with which to grow my ever-increasing plant collection.  The only problem (and I wouldn't call it a real problem) is that the wonderful bones of the apartment drive me to improve the stuff within.

This is where Pinterest becomes a problem.  DUN, Dun, dun.  I go on Pinterest for a "few minutes" (yeah right) and decide that this:

The current state of my pantry.

Must become this:

The fabulous pantry makeover at "The Social Home."

So I go out and buy these:

New pantry containers.

The Cat in the picture would be Buttercup, staring at me accusingly for buying pantry containers instead of a kitty condo for her... I know!  Neglect! 

I then take a good five hours purging, rearranging, and finding the perfect labels.  The result is this:

Organized, non-creature-growing Pantry. 

I now have a usable, streamlined pantry, complete with cute labels and containers.  What was I complaining about again...?  I love Pinterest! ;-)



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